OS (or deck cadet) Kirill Gusev

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OS (or deck cadet) Kirill Gusev

Сообщение Kirill-Russia » 11 ноя 2017, 16:56

I'm looking for a job in the various vessel.
I can make additional documents for work on the ship (if necessary).
I can freely speak in English.
I work as a sailor, that in the future I will make a working diploma of the third offecer.
I am ready to start working at once.
I have a wide experience of work:
- with radar (I can tune, disassemble and fix them)
- with electronic card software
- with hydrographic and navigation equipment (echototes, lags, antennas, GMDSS, etc.)

I have all the necessary basic documents for work (if necessary I will send CV)

E-mail: Dybay61@gmail.com